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Hobiyee (Hoobix - spoon)

Refers to the last crescent of the moon and is normally in different weeks of February depending on the phases of the moon for the month of February of that particular year. If the crescent of the moon is open, it is means that the food is overflowing and the year will be a bountiful year for the Nisga'a. Meaning lots of oolican and salmon returning, hunting will be good, berry picking will be good etc. If the crescent of the moon is closed, then it means that is will be a difficult year for the Nisga'a for harvesting food for the winter. Hoobix also signals the arrival of oolican to K'alii Aksim Lisims (Nass River) and since oolican is the first source of food for the Nisga'a, Hoobix is also referred to as the beginning of a new year.

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